84.5mm is a company engaged in the development and manufacturing of professional photographic and cinematographic filters. The company is located in the world famous spa town of Piestany (Central Europe, EU). Founded in 2011 by a group of enthusiastic outdoor and studio photographers who have joined forces with experienced chemists, engineers, manufacturing specialists and professionals in the field of international business/marketing.

The idea of 84.5mm brand was established in 2008, followed by three long years of development, research, laboratory experiments and fine-tuning best production technologies. In 2010, we can say that we managed to create the perfect production technology and a series of filters with exceptional quality
that will delight even the most demanding professionals and not only due to its reasonable price.

The development of each filter brand 84.5 mm took hundreds of hours of research and testing in the laboratory and field/ terrene. Our filters are made of special organic glass, which is characterized by excellent optical and mechanical features (refractive index from 1498 to 1501, Abbe number 58 a high
percentage of light a high percentage of light transmission, excellent resistance to scratching etc). It is interesting to mention that this material is used for manufacturing of lightweight eyeglass lens of high quality and highly resistant glasses of combat plane cockpits. To ensure the highest quality,
precision and permanent control all of our filters are handmade!  Each manufactured filter is tested both visually and also by using modern measuring devices in our above standard equipped test center.

The brand name represents a standard 84.5mm width of our best selling filters, which are of course fully compatible with commercially available conventional photographic filter holders of square type. The product portfolio of optical filters offered currently is not final and still dozens of new models
are being developed which are about to occur in the market very soon.   Our long term goal is to produce new attractive models every year that will inspire hundreds of amateur and professional photographers around the world and to move the tendency of modern photography to higher levels. (In addition to
the great qualities and features of our product, we also strive to maintain constat quality and favourable price. ) Our philosophy is based also on keeping the constant high quality of our products and favourable price for our customers.  


We believe that our experience in the field of photography, optics/physics and chemistry, along with long years of preparation and innovative technology applied to production, 84.5 mm filter brand will delight your creativity and a set of 84.5mm filters becomes an integral part of your photographic equipment
in the studio, in the country side and on the road.

Have a lot of inspiration and enjoy the photography...

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