Are your filters compatible with different holders of other manufacturers?

Yes our filters fit with holders and systems from other manufactures depending on the dimension (width). For example,our most commonly sold type of
photographic filters XP  - 84.5mm without problem hold the holders of competing manufacturers for filters 84 to 85 mm width.

Are your filters scratch resistant?

Yes our filters are highly resistant to ordinary scratches. The scratch resistance is much higher than for example the classical plexiglass and resins.
From physics we know that the harder material (for example diamond) can scratch softer materials (example steel). However, we can not guarantee 100%
scratch resistance for example on hard metals and similar items/objects. Our filters have been tested against scratching with basic materials like nails or
plastics and has a very good scratch resistance. Scratch resistance is only slightly smaller than the resistance of hard optical glass filters which
unfortunately transition can not be produced.

From what material are your filters made of?

Our filters are made of special organic glass CR-39, which is characterized by excellent optical and mechanical properties (Refractive index, Abbe number,
the percentage of light transmission,excellent resistance to scratching and so) that are in some aspects even better than the quality of optical glass. It is
interesting that this material is used for manufacturing of dioptric glasses  and highly resistant glass cockpits of fighter aircrafts.  

Is it possible to wash/remove away the color of the filter by handling or washing with a wet cloth?

NO! Color pigment in our filters are deeply embedded in the material at high temperature and pressure, which provides very good resistance. The color is
practically not only on the surface of the organic glass, but is impregnated directly inside.

Are your filters made mechanically/by a machine?  

No.To ensure the highest quality, precision and constant control of all of our filters are made by hand! (This means that more than 90% of operations in
the manufacturing of the filter are exclusively handmade quality (including the creation of transition effects) by our excellent team of trained and
experienced technicians. Therefore, our monthly output is partially limited and filters reasonably rare.

How can I clean my CR-39 filters?

You can clean your filter with special cloth specialized for cleaning of lightened dioptric glasses (which are also made from CR-39). You can buy this cloth
in most of optics shops. You can also clean filters with special cloths made for cleaning optical lenses. Note: take care when cleaning with basic microfiber
clothes - few of these cloths are very thin, made from hard material and after long use this cloth can include microscopic rhinestones, dirt or dry minerals
from water, which can cause scratches on filter, if cleaned very fast and intensive.

You can precisely clean your filter also with detergent (gel dish soap) + distilled water. Mix few drops of detergent aimed for cleaning dishes (gel dish soap)
with distilled water. Note: do not use basic water which has lot of minerals which can cause smears/smudges when the water evaporates/filter become dry.
Put filter into distilled water mixed with dish soap, then very gently clean with very soft wet foam sponge. After cleaning in soap water, clean 2 times with
pure distilled water. Leave to dry in air. This method is best when filter is very dirty and/or oily.
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